Day #9, 08282012

was about plywood, Tyvek and framing…

Standing in the backyard looking at the North wall. The “hole” on the right will be sliding glass doors with a transom. You can see through the studio to the South wall “hole” that will be sliders leading onto a small screened in porch. That aqua shutter belongs to the master bathroom. Extending the line of vision…

Looking at the West wall. Both windows have been framed out. Behind the safe, the CMU was cracked and cement poured for the steel posts. The South door is to the left and the North door is to the right.

While there are still plenty of holes it’s not quite as naked.  ; )  Good news today – the City has approved the plans, tomorrow they go to the County.  The City was the tough one though.  Whew!  The only reason we had to submit plans to the City and County and have an Engineers seal is because we are making structural changes to the building.  Have I mentioned the steel beam…?  Yeh, that’s to be delivered and installed sometime between Friday and Tuesday.  Have mercy!!!  I DON’T want to watch.

Piecefully, Pam



Look up…see those trusses?  Every other one will be coming out.


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