The beginning of day #8, 08272012

also our 2 year anniversary of 18.  ; )

They “cracked” or opened a few of the cmu (cinderblocks) on the opposite wall and filled those with cement too.  So, the East and West walls will have steel posts positioned to support the 32 foot steel beam that will be placed to load bear as every other truss will be removed.  We had a saying with Scott’s Dad, Duke, “It’s been elephant reinforced and you could land a helicopter on it!”  I feel certain Duke would approved of Phil’s philosophies and techniques.  I hope he’s watching all this from above…!?!?!?  ; )

Cement forms were poured for each of the patio doors as well.  That cement truck will make an another appearance as the project evolves…  We will have a pervious concrete patio poured around two sides of the studio.

Meanwhile, our weekend homework was a color palette.  So far our color choices are…

Ruby Ring for the steel beam

Koi for the North wall which leads to the backyard

we’re thinking Beach Grass for the East and West walls, and

Mojito for the South wall…

This may change or be refined, but it’s our start on interior color choices. : )

Piecefully, Pam


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