Day #7, 08242012

It’s hard to “see” and understand the perspective, but

In the top photo…the garage door is GONE!  Under those boards is a hole laced with rebar awaiting cement which will hold a steel post which will in turn support a 32 foot, 1,088 pound steel beam.

In the middle photo…the white door leaning next to the safe was removed and it’s hole was enlarged for the new sliding glass door that will eventually  be installed.  It will open onto a small’ish screened in porch.

The last photo…is the wall directly opposite the one from the middle photo.  The framing and much of the prep work for the sliding glass door and window has been completed.

Days #6 and 7 were all about concrete…jackhammering it, cutting through it and sledge hammering it.  NO small nor easy task!!!

And, I know it’s hard to “see” but the door and window placements are such that they extend the line of vision…from the bathroom you can look through the window, through both sliding glass doors and out into the back yard.  From the kitchen sink you will be able to look out into the studio, through the window and into the back yard.  It’s all about sight lines, extension of living space and bringing the outdoors in without changing the footprint of our home.

I said to Scott, “It’s a big naked husk filled with holes!”  We’ll see what next week brings…

Meanwhile, we’ve been working to choose paint colors for the interior.  We’re narrowing down the field and working with definites!  ; )

Piecefuly, Pam


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