Day #10, 08292012

A permit to erect improvements was placed in our front window!!!

There are questions about scuppers and wing walls.  Don’t ask.  These are things best left to men.

The windows and doors are two weeks out.

Vernon released the metal order which should be delivered in two weeks.

The steel beam is being painted off site.  When it’s delivered for installation, Russell plans to be onsite.  At that time, the scuppers and wing walls will be further debated, resolved and built.

Piecefully, Pam

Day #9, 08282012

was about plywood, Tyvek and framing…

Standing in the backyard looking at the North wall. The “hole” on the right will be sliding glass doors with a transom. You can see through the studio to the South wall “hole” that will be sliders leading onto a small screened in porch. That aqua shutter belongs to the master bathroom. Extending the line of vision…

Looking at the West wall. Both windows have been framed out. Behind the safe, the CMU was cracked and cement poured for the steel posts. The South door is to the left and the North door is to the right.

While there are still plenty of holes it’s not quite as naked.  ; )  Good news today – the City has approved the plans, tomorrow they go to the County.  The City was the tough one though.  Whew!  The only reason we had to submit plans to the City and County and have an Engineers seal is because we are making structural changes to the building.  Have I mentioned the steel beam…?  Yeh, that’s to be delivered and installed sometime between Friday and Tuesday.  Have mercy!!!  I DON’T want to watch.

Piecefully, Pam



Look up…see those trusses?  Every other one will be coming out.

The beginning of day #8, 08272012

also our 2 year anniversary of 18.  ; )

They “cracked” or opened a few of the cmu (cinderblocks) on the opposite wall and filled those with cement too.  So, the East and West walls will have steel posts positioned to support the 32 foot steel beam that will be placed to load bear as every other truss will be removed.  We had a saying with Scott’s Dad, Duke, “It’s been elephant reinforced and you could land a helicopter on it!”  I feel certain Duke would approved of Phil’s philosophies and techniques.  I hope he’s watching all this from above…!?!?!?  ; )

Cement forms were poured for each of the patio doors as well.  That cement truck will make an another appearance as the project evolves…  We will have a pervious concrete patio poured around two sides of the studio.

Meanwhile, our weekend homework was a color palette.  So far our color choices are…

Ruby Ring for the steel beam

Koi for the North wall which leads to the backyard

we’re thinking Beach Grass for the East and West walls, and

Mojito for the South wall…

This may change or be refined, but it’s our start on interior color choices. : )

Piecefully, Pam

Day #7, 08242012

It’s hard to “see” and understand the perspective, but

In the top photo…the garage door is GONE!  Under those boards is a hole laced with rebar awaiting cement which will hold a steel post which will in turn support a 32 foot, 1,088 pound steel beam.

In the middle photo…the white door leaning next to the safe was removed and it’s hole was enlarged for the new sliding glass door that will eventually  be installed.  It will open onto a small’ish screened in porch.

The last photo…is the wall directly opposite the one from the middle photo.  The framing and much of the prep work for the sliding glass door and window has been completed.

Days #6 and 7 were all about concrete…jackhammering it, cutting through it and sledge hammering it.  NO small nor easy task!!!

And, I know it’s hard to “see” but the door and window placements are such that they extend the line of vision…from the bathroom you can look through the window, through both sliding glass doors and out into the back yard.  From the kitchen sink you will be able to look out into the studio, through the window and into the back yard.  It’s all about sight lines, extension of living space and bringing the outdoors in without changing the footprint of our home.

I said to Scott, “It’s a big naked husk filled with holes!”  We’ll see what next week brings…

Meanwhile, we’ve been working to choose paint colors for the interior.  We’re narrowing down the field and working with definites!  ; )

Piecefuly, Pam

Day #6, 08232012

was a day of jackhammers and holes…

Under those boards there is a hole…cement will be poured for a steel post to be set…to bear a 32 foot steel beam…

more holes…left hole will be a window and the right hole will be sliding glass doors with a transom.

Day #5, Wednesday 08222012

The papers have been delivered from the Engineer and a set are currently en route to the City for approval.  Fingers crossed and trying to NOT barf!!!

Headers over the backyard facing North wall have been placed for the sliding glass door and the window.

Stay tuned!

Piecefully, Pam

8/16/12 was day # 3

of this project.  Our Architect uses the term “activation” of the space.

The correct windows and doors have been ordered.

We met with Vernon and made our final color selections.  The metal order is being placed.

We received the Engineers documents.  There too, we have made our decision.  We will go with a steel I beam and no column in the room.

Here’s how things looked this morning, before day #4 has begun…

Phil and Mickey are not here today.  Vernon’s crew from Weaver’s is.  Today it is Josh and Justin.  It is interesting how the craftsmen are fluid and work with the stages of the project to get the job done.  One job is finished and the next begins.  Same focus, different crew.  Phil and Mickey will be back.  After Josh and Justin move the project along to the next phase.  It’s been VERY exciting…!!!

Piecefully, Pam

Choosing exterior

colors.  Not for the faint of heart!

The shutters are already painted exotic sea.  SO, since we’re NOT shy about color, these are  our selections.  ; )  The short east and west walls will be clad in teal.  The long backyard wall will be taupe.  The “trim” will be mansard brown.  The outdoor shower will be copper penny on the inside and teal on the outside…as the spiral builds, you will see a glimpse of the copper penny from outside the shower.

We meet with Vernon, the metal guy, today or tomorrow.  These choices have not yet been etched in stone.  If you have any thoughts, feel free to share them!?

Piecefully, Pam

Day #2

and here’s how things look…

The windows and doors have been ordered!!!  The color samples for the exterior metal “siding” have arrived and we’re making those (bold) choices next.  NO dull moments here.  ; )

Piecefully, Pam