If I’m at the Beach

shouldn’t my blog be here too?!  Thanks for coming along.  : )  I hope you don’t get too much sand on your feet…

We have been working with Russell, our Architect, to develop an attached 2 car garage into a joint studio/office space.  It’s approximately 720 square feet of potential.  We wish to imbue it with our perspective of Beach meets midcentury modern.  So, stay tuned!  The project is entering it’s final design phase.  After which will come the technical drawings and contact with sub-contractors.  This is where we’re at so far…

We have been keeping an eye out for furnishings we think are “it”.  We found an amazing desk at a local thrift shop last week and it was love at first sight!

Our home and my job are my current projects!  I am doing very little sewing as just about ALL of my sewing supplies – from thread to fabric, patterns to projects, books to buttons are in storage.  Meanwhile, Scott has been continuing to do exterior trim painting and we have been working on gardening.  It’s interesting to get the neighbor’s reactions to some of our choices and the way we are putting our LOVE into this home ❤  And, it is starting to finally feel like our home.

Thank you for sharing this new chapter and life’s journey with me.  It’s been exciting!!!  Stay tuned…

Piecefully, Pam

2 thoughts on “If I’m at the Beach

  1. Pam – the outside shot of the house is awesome. The color is just perfect for the beach. Looking forward to the ‘in-progress’ pix of Russell’s creation. Take care…..piece.

  2. I love reading about all your good and happy news! Great seeing you last week! Will check back for updates! Best wishes to you
    Amd Scott:-)

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