What comes next?

He was here.  Bring it.


Russell is visionary.  He looks at a project from the outside in.  He understands the natural resources first.  Then, after watching and listening, he develops a plan.  This will continue to be an interesting and evolutionary experience.

I have a sensation, this is not only going to change our home, but our lives.  It feels powerful, yet tempered with much love and understanding, depth and knowledge.  A life time.

Piecefully, Pam

Piecefully. At the Beach.

I hope 2012 has been fabulous for you thus far, and that it continues to be a wonderful year!  We are well and happy; Scott, me, Shelby and Jingle too.  : )

I tell Scott, “Today is the BEST day of my life!”, and I mean it.  Making this change and living life at the Beach has been better than I ever hoped or imagined!  We live our dream every day.

At the end of our morning walk I stoop down and whisper to Jingle, “Thank you for coming to the Beach with me this morning.”  Jingle had a major impact on us landing here!  It was because of him that we first vacationed here.  You can learn a lot from a dog…you just need to take the time to listen.  ; )  A dog also teaches you to live in the moment.  Life is good.  Really good.

We have met with the architect.  We are eagerly awaiting our next meeting!  He is a graduate of Taliesin.  We are interested in midcentury modern and industrial design.  It will be amazing to develop this space into a joined studio/office space.  Patience is a virtue!

studio space...!?

Meanwhile, we have been busy settling into our home and finding new rhythms and routines.  I have done a few small sewing projects.  Most of those have been gifts and I cannot share the pix here!  I have a desire to do some garment sewing for me.  I have been looking at retro patterns and would REALLY like to stitch up some cool little dresses and longish tunics…

Also, I am cross training at work.  My job is SO amazing, and I am ever so grateful to be able to work from home.  I must admit though, after eight hours a day on the computer, I am not inclined to blog nor surf the web.

With all of this in mind, I will be taking a break from blogging.  You may certainly email me if you’d like.  Know that we are well and seriously twinkle toe delighted kitchen dancing happy!!!  I hope you are too!  If not, work towards it!!!  It is SO worth the effort.  ❤

Piecefully, Pam

P.S. just a few “fun” pix in closing…

Sandpipers along the surf.

Tall ship coming into dock.

Emma's blankets and sock monkey.

new *bitchin'* chairs in the living room!!! it's how the delivery guy described them : )

Rocco and Jingle on the Winter Beach ❤

Harbor of Refuge lighthouse and walking the point.

Across the canal...

Scott's homemade lasagna! : D

Breakwater lighthouse