What’s normal?  Who’s to say?  2011 continues to bring change to our household.

Our next-door- neighbors are moving.  Today is their final trip to their new home.  No tears.  Only good wishes!

Scott received a text book in today’s mail.  He is going to give on-line College a whirl.  I admire him, and will support his endeavor!

Also, Scott’s work venue has changed.  Same employer, just a different location and a change of hours.  This is the first week.  Once again, we are both working the same shift.  The hours have changed though.  After working full time nights for over a decade, he is joining me, working from 2 – 10 PM.

And, thankfully Scott’s back has improved!  Praise be.  I’m glad to have him (most of the way) back.  : )

Today being the 5th of the month, Anne Sutton has done it AGAIN!!!  Hmmm, what fabrics shall I choose…

So, change is normal.  Embrace it.  Celebrate the day that is TODAY!!!

Piecefully, Pam

3 thoughts on “Normal.

  1. I’m glad tto hear Scott’s back has improved. Really big changes at your place, sometimes that is normal. It sounds like you’ll get to spend more time together, that’s gotta be the bonus.

  2. I was so close on clicking to start saving Anne’s new BOM but since I haven’t even gotten beyond 2 blocks on the Tisket Tasket one, sanity has returned LOL.

    So glad Scott is on the mend and you actually get to spend a bit more time together :0)


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