If I were to go to Sisters Oregon…

I have no reason not to.  Only excuses.  Scott says, “Go!”  Kathy is going to be teaching there.  It’s been a dream of mine.  I said I’d go for my 50th.  Scott says, “So, you still can.  Just go this year too.”  How can you argue with that?!

I need to renew my passport.  Where will I stay?  Do I need to rent a car?  How soon shall I start making calls?  Is there anything still open?!?!?!  From when to when…?!  H.E.L.P.

Does anyone have any tips about traveling to this Show?  I feel faint…  Any Quilt Mama’s up for the trip…?!  Anyone from over at Glorious Applique…?!

Piecefully, Pam

6 thoughts on “If I were to go to Sisters Oregon…

  1. Oh how exciting!! Shoot I lived within a few hours of driving and never it made it to the show. Boy am I kicking myself now!! Google the show name and you should get a contact number or e-mail address to help you answer your questions.


  2. My husband gave me a trip to Sisters for Mother’s Day a few years ago. He went with me. We flew from Dallas to Portland, Oregon. Rented a car and drove to Bend, Oregon where we stayed. Bend is a short drive to Sisters. Hope this information helps.

  3. What a great opportunity! You can be our Official On Site Correspondent, blog while you’re there and take lots of pictures so the rest of us can drool with envy. Agree with the other comments, that’s a big event and I’m sure there’s lots of info available about lodging, transportation, etc. Keep us posted!

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