Progress, play and pain.

I worked from home for a few hours this evening, but managed to take a few stitches in the morning.  No trip to Burkholder’s or Sauder’s.  Scott’s back went out and he has VERY limited mobility.  Guess what?  That means that I have to go to visit my Mom without him tomorrow.  I’ll be practicing G.R.A.C.E.  Wish me luck.  I will NEED it.


; )

Piecefully, Pam

If I were to go to Sisters Oregon…

I have no reason not to.  Only excuses.  Scott says, “Go!”  Kathy is going to be teaching there.  It’s been a dream of mine.  I said I’d go for my 50th.  Scott says, “So, you still can.  Just go this year too.”  How can you argue with that?!

I need to renew my passport.  Where will I stay?  Do I need to rent a car?  How soon shall I start making calls?  Is there anything still open?!?!?!  From when to when…?!  H.E.L.P.

Does anyone have any tips about traveling to this Show?  I feel faint…  Any Quilt Mama’s up for the trip…?!  Anyone from over at Glorious Applique…?!

Piecefully, Pam

While Santa’s not looking

I’ve been squeezing in a few stitches…here and there.  This weekend we head to Momma Barb’s for our annual Holiday Extravaganza!!!  : )  This is the very FIRST time I will have the privilege of sharing the magic of Christmas with a little one.  I can hardly wait…!!!





















Piecefully, Pam


WINTER has arrived with a GUST!!! Walking Jingle has been chilly indeed!  I am easily distracted by the cold simply by admiring the myriad of neighborhood Holiday decorations.  It’s a visual feast.  Good for the soul too!  How magical…pleasing…joy filled!!!

I had off yesterday and enjoyed a bit of sewing time.  See…











May your Holiday Season be filled with peace and magic…

Holiday Hugs, Pam