Squeezing in

some sewing.  ; )  While this weekend saw a portion of our studio turned into a home office space, I did eek out a little bit of sewing time!!!

I wanted to try Karen’s new micro serrated scissors.  Two arrived in my mail box this week.  What a kind surprise, and just when I needed a little boost too!!!  : ) THANKS, Karen!

Although it’s the 21st I was working on my Snowbound block from the 5th.  Those little pieces with windowpane fusing I thought would be a good test for the serrated scissors.  They worked like a charm!!!  The small green pair has wicked slender pointy sharp accurate blades!  The padded handles are nice too. And, both the large and small scissors cut through my fabric and fusible without any problems.  BEST of all…???  NO fraying!!!  I LOVE that about serrate scissors. They reduce fraying.  So…sew, I highly recommend these scissors!!!  And, Karen is running a special if you buy both.  I KNOW how delighted you will be to find these under the tree next month…if you’ve been good, that is…?!








Piecefully, Pam


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