Kool-aid, wool, and

Etsy.  Hmmm…?!

Have any of you dyed wool using Kool-Aid?  Look at this color chart!  Don’t they look sumptuous?  I think I’m going to give it a try…

OK.  Etsy?  I know NOTHING about Etsy.  Not how to use it.  Not what’s on it.  Nothing.  I have been to the Etsy website, more than once, and feel completely overwhelmed.  How do I educate myself about Etsy?  Any help you care to offer would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you.

Piecefully, Pam

5 thoughts on “Kool-aid, wool, and

  1. Hi Pam,
    I’ve never done the Kool-aid dye thing, but I have purchased a few times on Etsy. If you are wanting to buy something, I could help you. Selling, though, you’d do better with someone else. If you have any questions, let me know.

    • Buying. I don’t have anything to sell. I’ve heard folks mention fabrics they’ve bought on Etsy, and I’ve seen some neat-o crafts, but I don’t understand how it works… I started with eBay, ages ago, before it was popular and wasn’t intimidating. I’ve used craigslist, and I shop online for other stuff, but Etsy baffles me. If you have any helpful tips, I’m all ears, Donna! Thanks.

      Just did my first Kool-Aid attempt. I’ll keep you posted…

      ; )

  2. Hi Pam, I just opened my own shop on Etsy (you can link to it from my blog). It’s really not very difficult. If you click on the “sell” button at the top of the Etsy home page they will walk you through the steps. My biggest hurdle was learning how to get the pictures out of the digital camera and on to the computer :). There’s also a huge supportive community there (click on “community” to check it out). I find the forums there particularly helpful and interesting.

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