I need your help,

please.  I am just about ready to add borders to my Mitered Boxes quilt, but can’t decide on which fabric to choose.  I would REALLY appreciate your input!!!

Let’s go from left – to – right:

1. Tobacco

2. Deep aqua

3. Carmel

4. Magenta

5. Pumpkin

?!?!?!  Which will it be…YOU decide…

THANKS, and TGIF!!!  Our weather is especially SPECTACULAR today. : )

Piecefully, Pam

19 thoughts on “I need your help,

  1. For mine, I didn’t use a border. But if I was to put one, all of the above work, however it is a preference if you would like high or low contrast. For higher contrast I would use either the aqua or magenta. Lower contrast, the others. But I might be inclined to use either the aqua or magenta as a thinner inner border and then use the lower contrast as a larger outer border. I find that a high contrast inner border can frame a quilt nicely.

  2. I agree with Jackie using either of the high contrast fabrics as a more narrow border and one of the lower contrast ones as an outside border.
    You have picked great colors, so I don’t think any of the colors would be a mistake.

  3. Hmmm…I hadn’t thought of a narrow inner border?! : ) I LIKE the idea. So, here’s what I’m thinking, a narrow pumpkin sashing and then a wide-ish magenta border. Oh! I don’t know?! I’m going to have to ‘play’ a little. Thank you all SEW much for your input. Stay tuned…

  4. I like the Aqua or Magenta – but you know me the border queen – I would definately use a think inner border and a wide outer boarder. Good luck. It’s really pretty.

  5. MAGENTA…I thought I would throw in my two cents even though we don’t ALWAYS agree on colors…LOL!! I love this quilt top…colors and all! Hope you guys are doing well! I haven’t seen you in a really long time!

  6. I would go with either magenta or the aqua–or both of those together. I think that there is so much of the orangey (?) colors in the quilt that the aqua or magenta would make the colors pop more.

    Love this quilt. Now I really want to make one for my own!


  7. If I can only choose one -My first choice would be Deep aqua. I am unsure of what type of border you are doing. I also like the Magenta. A combination would be good. A small then a larger border? ?? That is my guess.

  8. Sorry about that I meant to say the deep aqua. When I went to the pictures again, I realized that they were in order of colour. I think the blue would just pop it all.

  9. Just love your quilt. IMHO if you want it bigger, add another round of blocks or cut the stripes to run from the centre to the edge, mitering the corners as a frame, that way you can use all of the colours you mentioned. Binding could be a shot cotton plain in a colour you think brings out the colours you love.


  10. I think it depends on what colors you want to make “more important”? I really like the idea of the deep aqua for a narrow border..and either the caramel or magenta for a wider border? Your quilt is gorgeous!

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