6 thoughts on “Did you happen to

  1. Hi Pam,

    Here in the Netherlands it’s terribly hot, too and although I didn’t stop sewing (it’s hot here for a few weeks now, pfffff……), the snowman pattern is still waiting for better days. I simply can’t bring myself to go through my stash to find some cute fabrics.
    But… there is hope: tonight the weather is going to change (as for the weather-report, yeah, well, we’ll see…..LOL), rain is coming and thunder and lightning and then the temperature will fall, yes!!
    So just wait and see, my little snowman is coming soon.

    Just keep sitting in your chair, don’t move to much, only a needle going up and down will be OK.
    Have a nice day!


  2. So strange to think that whilst you are suffering thru the heat, we here in Melbourne (Australia) are looking at grey skies and it’s approx 15c ~ good stitching weather. Must say that I would rather put up with this weather than the humid weather you are having. Love your snowman block.

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