It’s that time!

On Friday afternoon I mixed up a batch of humming bird nectar.  Today, I got out my humming bird feeders, funneled the nectar into each, smeared them with vaseline to keep the ants and bees away, and hung them!!!  Now, we wait…  I have two feeders that I put out.  Both are positioned for Shelby to watch.  One is directly outside my sewing machine window.  Sometimes I have a difficult time keeping an accurate 1/4″ seam allowance because I’m watching a humming bird!

Those who have a long Holiday weekend, enjoy it.  It’s HOT here and we’re thinking cool thoughts…  ; )

Piecefully, Pam

Turtle. Turtle.

Jingle discovered a turtle this morning at the beginning of our walk.  The turtle was ACTUALLY tucked into low pine boughs.  Jingle shows me the most AMAZING things!!!  He teaches me how to live life like a dog – in the HERE and NOW!!!  Be present in your life to receive the gifts each day brings.  I LOVE him!!!  Who’da thunk I could learn SO much from a DOG…?!?!?!

Anyway, when we got back from our walk, the turtle was on the move.  There is a big creek down behind where Momma Barb lives and the turtle was headed that direction…

Piecefully, Pam

A quick

look before I FLY out the door!  Here’s a snapshot of my design wall this morning…

The blocks are not trimmed, nor are they arranged.  I’ve just been making additions to the design wall as I sew and press blocks.  I am LOVING this so far!!!  : )

Happy Friday to you!  I’m off to get my hair cut.  I may come back with it SHORT…?!

Piecefully, Pam

P.S.  Consuelo – thanks for the reminder.  I made up a batch of humming bird nectar this morning.  : )  I will put the feeders up this Holiday weekend!!!

Yummy indeed!

Oh, it’s been so…sew delicious.  I have once again divided tasks.  Sewing pleasure tempered with home chores.  I needed to press the fabrics before cutting them.  I also happen to have chore ironing that needs done.  I emptied the iron of water as I steam pressed clothing.  Once empty, I starched and pressed fabrics. I did this more than once.  I got twice the profits from my efforts and could sew guilt-free.  I LOVE that!!!  Another win-win!

I planned tonight’s dinner earlier in the week.  Laundry was caught up and bathrooms clean.  Oh, gardening is under control for the moment too! So, I could sew with a clear conscience.  Nothing better…unless I was at the Beach, of course…?!  ; )

I made my oven baked brown rice earlier this week.  I baked a double batch and froze half.  With the remainder I made shrimp fried rice for dinner tonight.  I used this recipe and it turned out yummy indeed!  : D  I will definitely use this recipe again!  Go ahead, try my brown rice recipe AND the shrimp fried rice too. You won’t be disappointed.  It’s healthy and nutritious!

On to more important stuff.  I have a fabric stash.  It is sizable, but not grotesque.  In it I have had a stack of striped fabric.  That’s been sequestered.  Waiting. TODAY I cut into those stripes.  Slowly. Carefully.  With a bit of trepidation.  Not only was I cutting into that stack of stripes, but I was taking off my triangle training wheels too.  WhEeEeEeEe!!!  I am LOVING, loving my results!!!  Why have I waited this long?!?!?!

One of the reasons I have a stash is so I can SEW when I’m READY!!!  When I want to.  My fabrics have been laundered and are sitting there waiting. I’m a bit impatient when I decide I’m READY to sew.  RIGHT NOW!  Fabric.  Ruler.  Rotary cutter.  iPod.  Pure unbridled bliss is unleashed and it feels wonderful!

There are three different size triangles I need to cut for my current project!!!  I don’t have all those ‘fancy’ rulers…?!  And, guess what?!  I NEED to cut and sew RIGHT now!!!  I’m not a good shopper either.  I’m so NOT getting in the car and driving to the store.  That would KILL my excitement.  And, I can’t possibly WAIT for them to come from an on-line source!  So, I used card stock to make templates and a glue stick to affix them to the rulers I do have.  I learned this from Momma Barb, my amazing Mother-In-Law!  HA.  It WORKED!!!  I could cut, sew and maintain my excitement and energy.  HOORAY!!!

Here are some pix from today’s activities…

Have you seen this?  I think it is a marvelous approach/idea and wholeheartedly wish to embrace it!  I can’t get her widget to work, but when I can, you will find the link and pledge on my blog!  : )  Thanks for allowing me to share my enthusiasm from today with you!  Enjoy your evening.  I’m going to.  I’m a little pooped, but I’m going to read a few pages of a book my friend as leant me.  Thanks Jean!

Here’s looking forward to a FUN packed tomorrow too!

Piecefully, Pam

More Mitered Boxes

Good morning!  ; )  I’m getting back into my Summertime groove.  It’s a bit dicey switching from nights to days.  Alas, I am off and having a remarkable time of it!

Yesterday afternoon I pieced more Mitered Boxes.  This is a Kaffe design I’ve admired for quite some time now.  I have been intimidated by triangles though and wouldn’t even add this project to my ‘to do’ list.  Well, I decided a new baby + time off = triangle and Mitered Boxes!

This quilt has been going together easily.  I LOVE the look, design, wonky, free form spirit of the quilt.  I think the design and colors are perfect for a little one.

Last evening as it cooled, I sat outside and trimmed my blocks.  I arranged them on the design wall and had another look this morning.  Satisfied, I sewed the blocks into rows in between house chores.  This is a method that really WORKS for me.  I WANT to sew, but house things NEED done.  So, I sew a row of blocks together and do a chore, sew another row and do a chore.  Before you know it I have the rows ready for pressing and I’ve got two bathrooms cleaned!!! For me, it’s a win-win!

May your day be filled with progress too.  Whether sewing, practice, reading, appointments, chores, laundry, whatever…?!  But, where you can, get a few stitches in for certain.  It makes EVERYTHING better!!!

Here, have a look at the rows of my Mitered Boxes…  Hmmm, I’m trying to decide if I should border it and if so, what color?  Also, how to quilt this…?

Thanks for stopping by!  : )

Piecefully, Pam

You’ll find me

in the garden!!!  While overcast skies and occasional sprinkles may not be everyone’s idea of the perfect beginning to Summer Break, I couldn’t be happier!!!  : ) I’ve been moving ‘volunteers’ to new locations, weeding, cutting back shrubs, and planting.  Amongst the garden beds you will find anything from astilbe to zinnias and LOTS of plants in between!  We have two new additions to our vegetable gardens this year; bok choy and Swiss chard.  Hmmm, I’m anxious to see how they will do?!  We have gotten zero sugar snap peas!!!  For the first time in ten years the birds have been dining on every single pea plant.  Nary a flower has been left to bloom.  They have been devouring the tendrils, flower buds, vines, leaves…everything.

I plant flowers in my vegetable beds too!  I ENJOY the color and surprise of flower blossoms alongside cucumbers, peppers, tomatoes and such.  Herbs?!  I may use them steeped in sun or brewed teas, in flower arrangements, in a variety recipes and dried too.

Jingle gardens with me and adds to my joy.  He is allergic to bee stings, and I have moved flowers to beds where he’s not given access.  So, he may just lie down along the fence as I work.  But, he’s right there keeping me company.

So, today’s post is brought to you by this arrangement and Jingle.  ; )  May you enjoy it as much as I am!  It’s nothing fancy, but it’s been home grown with love.

Piecefully, Pam

I sure am glad these

six days are under my belt.  It’s been a l-o-n-g six days.  A difficult work week was followed by a trip to my Mom’s.  I practiced prayers, peace and grace as best I could during these past six days.  I activated my ‘Mom shields” in the car en route this morning.  Thankfully, we’re home and everyone survived.

NOW, I can look forward to having Summer Break!!!  I can make “to do” lists and check things off.  I can stitch out on the patio.  I can garden, do house chores and bask.  There will be sewing, frolicking, and reckless abandon.  ; )  I can SEW to my hearts content.  HoOrAy!!!

Here’s looking forward to the start of a NEW week.  : )  Here’s looking toward tomorrow, but being appreciative for resilience and lessons being learned.  I too wish you prayers, peace and grace.  Maybe I’ll see you sometime tomorrow…?!  Here’s looking forward to it!

Piecefully, Pam