Hanging sleeve tutorial

1. I make the hanging sleeve as I prepare the quilt backing or quilt sandwich.  I cut my hanging sleeve fabric 8 1/2 inches wide and 2 inches shorter than the width of the quilt.  I’ve learned to make the hanging sleeve as I’m working with the quilt backing so it is prepared and ready when I need it!

2. Hem both short ends of the hanging sleeve by folding over each short end a quarter of an inch and press, fold again and press.  With an edge stitch foot, hem the short ends of the sleeve along the folded edge.

3. Fold the sleeve in half lengthwise and press.

4. Open the sleeve with the wrong side facing up.  Choose one long side of the hanging sleeve and fold the raw edge to the center crease.  Press.

5. Baste a straight line of stitching along that newly folded and pressed crease by stitching approximately an eighth of an inch away from this new crease.  This line of stitching will eventually be removed.  I create a little pleat or tuck which provides ease and ‘give’ to the sleeve to accommodate the hanging rod/dowel/pipe that may be slipped through the sleeve for hanging.  That little tuck provides space for the rod without causing any distortion to the front of the quilt once it is hung.  ; )

6. Prior to adding the binding, pin or glue baste the hanging sleeve in position.  (*NOTE:  the basted pleat/tuck must be visible and not facing the back of the quilt!!!)  The raw edges of the hanging sleeve will be sewn in place on the back of the quilt as the binding is being sewn to the front of the quilt!

7. Once the binding is completed, the bottom of the hanging sleeve can be whip stitched into place.  After this is done, the basting stitch which created the pleat or tuck can be removed.  And, you’re finished with that hanging sleeve!  : )

Hanging sleeve with the basted pleat/tuck. It has been machine sewn it place and the binding is being whip stitched to the quilt back.

Curved piecing

and splitting the atom…  While I didn’t do my usual Free Motion Thursday last evening, I did try something new.  Something I’ve been thinking about for some time now.  I’m REALLY good at that.  Just t-h-i-n-k-i-n-g about something.  In my mind I can make it seem nearly impossible.  Then finally, it comes down to Nike, “Just DO it!!!”.  So…sew I’m giving curved piecing a try.  Not the harsh curves in a Drunkards Path or New York Beauty, but soft, undulating, organic curves.  I DID it!!!  : )  It wasn’t that hard.  Whew!  And, guess what?  I kinda even liked it.  I’ll be doing more…

Then, I have been eyeing the Joseph’s Coat quilt along.  Hmmm???  I like it but, I can’t commit.  Plus, I’d want to use those petals in a different kind of application.  Alright.  I got out some paper and a compass.  Now it seemed like a math class.  DON’T think about it, just draw circles for goodness sake!!!  Well, I found the right size, after making three circle templates.  And, I’ve begun making those petals…it’s a bit like splitting the atom.

I thought the curved pieing would be the challenge and the petal making would go easy.  It’s the other way around.  So, while I didn’t fmq, I was practicing and learning new things!  Old dog, new tricks!?  ; )  Yep!

Hey, TGIF and have a FABulous weekend!!!  Especially if you’re going to the AQC…!?

curved piecing and petals...

Piecefully, Pam

Crossing Over

by Cookie Warner

This photograph does NOT do this quilt justice.  The colors are magnificent and the work(wo)manship delicate and breathtaking. Sorry about the backs of heads, but I coldn’t get a clear shot of this piece.  Is there any wonder…?  Enjoy it!!!

Piecefully, Pam

P.S.  Double click to see ALL the texture she has created and her amazing use of fabrics that are ‘just right’!!!

Flower Pots

by Kim McLean

Yes please, if you would put the photograph into your page, I don’t think too many people have seen this quilt outside Sydney.

It has gone down to Melbourne for the Australian Quilt Convention at the end of this week as part of exhibition of my quilts.

With Kim McLean’s permission, here goes…!!!  Enjoy!!!  : )  What a TREAT!

Posted with much twinkle toe delight!!!  : )  THANKS for sharing this Kim!!!

Piecefully, Pam

AQC in Melbourne, AU

In a bind.

Would you mind sharing your binding techniques and tips with me?  What width binding do you use?  Bias or straight of grain?  Do you cut and then sew strips together or make a continuous binding?  Scrappy?  Do you use a walking foot when you apply your binding?  Do you hand stitich it to the back or machine stitch it?  Do you use a decorative machine stitch and sew the front and back at the same time?  Have you seen this over on the Piece O’ Cake blog? Very clever!  Or how ’bout this?!  I’ve done it with smaller projects and LOVE it!  And, some of you know how much I love Sharon’s techniques and my Elmer’s School glue!!!  I’m ALWAYS looking for new ways to do things…

I have my own style of doing binding.  It’s a bit mind bending.  I usually make bias binding.  Continuous bias binding.  I sew and press two seams.  That’s it.  My hand applique students can atest to this.  (Are any of you reading this…?!  Care to comment…?)

It’s cool and rainy here today.  I’m going to do some sewing prep using my iron.  I need to generate some heat!  Soup making later.  ; D  Enjoy your day and take a few stitches when you get the chance!

Piecefully, Pam


Words on quilts.  I LOVE that!!!  A quilt is special by itself, but when it has words, poignant words…it is ALL the more special.  I try to use words or imagery in the quilts I make.  I want my quilts to have a special meaning, a hidden message.  You might not see it right away.  You may have to look – twice…perhaps more than twice…  To me THAT is special, maybe even magical…

The first time I used words on a quilt was when I made the Pleasant Plates quilt for our bed.  The quilt wasn’t large enough, so I needed to add a border.  The border incorporate six eight (!) more Dresden Plates, but also words…  Magic.  Our names + friend, joy, cherish, whimsy, love, laugh, etc…  That quilt is so/sew meaningful to us.  And, to sleep under it every night is, yep, nothing short of magic!

I use to add words with applique or fabric selections.  I have now begun fmq’ing words into my quilts!!!  You would NEVER know it…unless you look…twice…or maybe more than twice…?!  I LOVE that!!!  Shhh, don’t tell!!!

Do you use words in your quilts too?

Piecefully, Pam


: )

It’s been a whole lot of week rolled up in seven days!!!  There was a fire.  At work, NOT at home!!!  No injuries, but a whole lotta hubbub!!!  Jingle has a new girl friend, Wilma!  (Shh, don’t tell Lucy!)  And, I’ve been VERY busily stitching!!!  Hopefully I’ll post some photos of my monkeying around later this evening…!?

Enjoy your Friday and have a SUPER weekend!!!

Piecefully, Pam