From here

to there.  During our 2009 Spring Break we began to renovate our bedroom.  We finished on Easter weekend.  It was a LOT of hard work!  One of the things my husband was thrilled about was getting rid of the old closet, the doors most especially.  He hated them!

Once removed, they stood in the garage awaiting their destiny.  A strange thing happened.  They were repurposed and given a new life!  They have become a very large table.

Now the Monday Night Game Guys have enough elbow room for drinks, cards, a game board, tokens, dice, maps, books + sundry other items!  ; ) And I get to use the table too…for my quilting purposes!!!  This has been a wonderful re-use for doors that were destined for the trash!

I had to wait ’til tonight, but I have layered and basted my Bunny Hill A Tisket A Tasket quilt top!!!  : )  I tried the Kwik Klip device.  Can I tell how terrific this product is?!  I am a skeptic.  I admit it.  It sometimes takes me a really long while before I will believe in something or give it a try. Well, the covered safety pins with the Kwik Klip closer is magic – truly!  It usually takes me several sessions to pin baste.  My fingernails wear and break and my fingertips hurt.  NONE of that using the Kwik Klip!  I got my entire wall hanging basted this evening – in ONE session!!!  Tomorrow, I’ll be ready to begin fmq’ing…!!!

The old closet doors...

Here are those doors, uh table 4 months later with my Flower Pots pattern spread out.

And, here it is tonight with my basted ATAT quilt!

Reduce, reuse, recycle, and RE-purpose!  ; )

Piecefully, Pam

Here is that renovated space with the new closets!

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