Quilt Show…  There has been much discussion about this Show – between friends, Bee peeps, quilters, blogs I visit, etc.  Hmmm.  Before I give my two cents, I need to mention that I made the conscious decision to stop going to the Quilter’s Heritage Celebration.  For reasons too numerous to recount, I believe 2006 was my last trip to the Host.

I decided to go to this year’s AQS (new) Lancaster Quilt Show.  I had a fresh perspective, a new attitude and an open mind.  I must say, I was QUITE pleasantly surprised!!!

Here are some of the things I LOVED about this new Show:

1. Having ALL (or most of!) the judged quilts in ONE building!!!  NO golf carts, no traipsing down to the Tennis Courts, then back up the hill and into the dimly lit hallway maze hoping to find the remaining rooms where the Quilt Show was being held.

2. Not having to park in the grass/mud.

3. Not having to slog through the grass/mud to and from The Show.

4. I liked the way this Quilt Show was laid out…3 floors, 3 clearly designated rooms all under ONE roof.

5. I liked how the vendors were placed.  I liked the sizes of their booths.  I liked their wares!

I went with Bee friends on Saturday.  We had ZERO trouble parking and walked a short distance (half block) to the Show!!!  VERY easy!  I LOVED the Convention Center!  There were LOTS of bathrooms, places to sit, tables and nooks for eating, visiting, taking a break.  The food venues were (IMO) a BIG improvement over what the Host offered.  I liked the Downtown venue within walking distance to other points of interest.

I do know this Show was organized in a relatively short period of time.  While lighting, programs, shuttles and pins were not in perfect amounts to please all, I thought AQS did a remarkable job with this Show!  It is a NEW Show.  The Convention Center is new.  And, quite honestly, I’m glad Lancaster is still having a Quilt Show at all.  It could have very easily just died.

Don’t be disappointed but, I’m not posting any Lancaster Quilt Show photos.  The AQS website forbids it unless you have permission from the quilt maker. However, you can go to their website and see the winners!  ; )

That’s my two cents!  Care to give yours…?!

Piecefully, pam

6 thoughts on “Lancaster

  1. I’m trying to imagine a quilt show that can fill three floors of a convention center! I’ve never been to any quilt show that BIG! I’m glad you had a good experience. So, 2 questions — (a) how were the quilts (b) what did you buy???

  2. I’ve never been to this show at all but certainly hope to go someday. I totally agree with you that it’s great that Lancaster is still having a quilt show!

  3. Pam–see my post on the QM blog about another blog I found about the show. Couldn’t disagree more with her except agree SOME of the lighting wasn’t great.

  4. Pam,

    I was not aware of the fact that AQS does not allow to post the pictures of the show quilts! I am glad I stopped by here and found this out! I just removed the entry of “Inspirations” from my blog!

    Thank you!

  5. It would be hard for me NOT to like a quilt show! Although, there are aspects–anybody remember the first big show in NYC? So exciting, but what–one dinky bathroom? The New Lancaster Show was great and I think it can only get better. You are correct–be inspired by what you see!

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