It’s free motion Thursday!

Here’s my practice from this evening, in the darker blue thread.  On the bottom right I tried my own fmq’ed version of a zentangle.  Hmmm…?

When I first entered the amazing world of quilting, I heard, read and was told when fmq’ing PUT THE PEDAL TO THE METAL!  GO-GO-GO!!!  Speed!!!  Move your hands and quilt like a bat out of h-e- double hockey sticks!!! Well, I did that for a LONG time.  I became quite frustrated with my inability to ‘know’ where I was going and my inability to quilt my way out of a corner.  Well, I have discovered that I need to SLOW down!!!  Quilting at that break neck pace was intimidating me.  So, for a while now, I’ve been going slower and finding I can actually *think* as I’m sewing.  It feels much less overwhelming and I CAN breathe!

Piecefully, Pam

2 thoughts on “It’s free motion Thursday!

  1. How has the slowing down affected your stitch size? You aren’t using your BSR, right? I really like the pebbles – I need to do that on an upcoming project – need to start practicing! I’m going to try the slower pace – going fast makes my shoulders way tense. Thanks……

    • Jean – nope, no BSR anymore. I used it to help synchronize my hands, foot pedal, brain, quilt…to learn the ‘sound’ and feel of fmq and help my initial results. Once I mostly ‘got it’ the BSR was inhibiting. The sound it made as I changed direction and speed + not being able to see behind the foot became a distraction to me. If you click and even double click the photo you can look at my stitch length. I feel pretty good with it. Realize though, I’ve been practicing regularly and have a bunch of quilt sandwiches! ; )

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