Post-holiday chill.

In the wake of the Holiday there comes quiet.  THIS is my favorite time.  It’s almost like getting up before anyone else is awake and taking a few stitches to start your day.

I enjoy that sigh of relief.  The travel is done.  The food has all been made. Leftovers are now being shared and savored.  Everyone is sated with gifts, love and goodness.  There is peace and pleasure.

Now, I can really look at my gifts.  I can spend time touching fabric, turning pages in a new book, reading directions for a new gadget, trying on that red sweater. I will bask in the love that the gift was given.  How thoughtful.  What a meaningful gift.

The magic of the Holiday season continues in our home, but without that frenetic undercurrent.  I can sip tea without making lists…and checking them twice. I hope your home is peaceful too.

Here are a few snapshots of our Holiday…

Christmas at Barb's

Jingle got a gift from his girlfriend, Lucy

These are a few of my favorite things

Christmas dinner at home

Progress continues on my Flower Pots quilt top

3 thoughts on “Post-holiday chill.

  1. While the holidays are fun, I love these days just after. I have been very relaxed (and very unproductive), but my inlaws come on the 30th, so I’m enjoying the quiet house while it lasts.

    That flower pot quilt is a beauty!

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