Making my list

and checking it twice!  ; )  Let’s see…I cleaned two bathrooms, vacuumed two floors, did two loads of laundry…hey, this is sounding a bit like Noah’s ark…? Anyway, I’ve planned and prepped for meals, wrapped gifts, and so on.  The sewing part of my day was at 0530 when I got up.  I knew if I didn’t fit it in then, I wouldn’t stitch today.  So…sew, first things first!  ; )

Scott surprised me by requesting ham for Christmas.  Tonight, for Christmas Eve we’re having seafood.  Steamed clams and shrimp with bok choy, baked potatoes and a fancy salad.  We’ve already started things off with cream of cauliflower soup, pear slices and some cheese with assorted crackers.

It’s just about time to walk Jingle.  Then we’re going to drive around the neighborhood and look at Christmas lights.  : )  It’s tradition!

It wasn’t all work and effort today.  I treated myself to a mani – pedi…the kind you can’t get in a salon…!  ; )

Be good!  Santa is STILL watching!?  Any word on his whereabouts?  I haven’t heard the reindeer yet…

Jingle Jolly Ho Ho Merry Christmas Magic to ALL!!!

Piecefully, Pam

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