HiP hIp

HoOrAy!!!  : )  I got the three circle borders and their pieced sashing sewn to my Flower Pots quilt top!!!  It took me longer than I wanted it to.  (I must admit that a second glass of wine got in the way last evening.)  I have the fourth circle border ready for hand applique and may choose the sashing squares this evening before I begin sewing that fourth border.  I only have wonky looking pictures to share so far.  The quilt is downstairs on a giant table…the angles of the photos are odd and the quilt is folded to fit on the table.  but, here’s how it looks today…

Piecefully, Pam


Last night’s jambalaya was yummy!  It will be even better tonight ’cause it’s COLD and WINDY here!!!


morning!?  : )  I have begun to put away Christmas gifts.  I really like everything I got!!!  Everything fits!  No need for exchanges or returns.  <contented sigh>

Yesterday, our weather was such that I could hang wash out to dry.  : )  So, ALL the Amy Butler Love, Kaffe’s and Kona’s were out on my lines.  It was VERY colorful indeed and made me smile.  I enjoy the smell of fresh line dried laundry.  Mmmm!  There’s nothing like it!?  Today, I need to make room on my shelves for the new fabrics!  I also can start thinking about my next project and finishing up some that have been lingering.

Later today I will make jambalaya.  The leftovers from our Christmas Eve and Christmas Day meals will morph.  I have that stock I made too.  Yum.  It’s windy, cloudy and colder here today…a perfect day for a big pot of jambalaya!  : D  Once the jambalaya is in the pot I’ll be ready to SEW!!!

I missed free motion Thursday last week.  So, I hope to do a little practicing today.  Also, I am planning to add the pieced sashing to my three circle borders for the Flower Pots project.  Then I will add said sashed borders to the quilt top!  I still need to applique the circles to the fourth border yet.  I’m getting there though!  Thanks for your patience and encouragement!!!

May your home be filled with love and sewing today too!  Throw something in the crock pot, grab a cup of coffee and come sew with me!  ; )

Piecefully, Pam

Post-holiday chill.

In the wake of the Holiday there comes quiet.  THIS is my favorite time.  It’s almost like getting up before anyone else is awake and taking a few stitches to start your day.

I enjoy that sigh of relief.  The travel is done.  The food has all been made. Leftovers are now being shared and savored.  Everyone is sated with gifts, love and goodness.  There is peace and pleasure.

Now, I can really look at my gifts.  I can spend time touching fabric, turning pages in a new book, reading directions for a new gadget, trying on that red sweater. I will bask in the love that the gift was given.  How thoughtful.  What a meaningful gift.

The magic of the Holiday season continues in our home, but without that frenetic undercurrent.  I can sip tea without making lists…and checking them twice. I hope your home is peaceful too.

Here are a few snapshots of our Holiday…

Christmas at Barb's

Jingle got a gift from his girlfriend, Lucy

These are a few of my favorite things

Christmas dinner at home

Progress continues on my Flower Pots quilt top

Merry Christmas and The Christmas Card Quilt!!!

Good Morning and Merry Christmas to YOU and yours!!!  : )  Did Santa make a stop at your house?  I hope you’ve been good!  ; )

I’ve been saving this one for today!  The Christmas Card Quilt by Cathy Bradley.  Perfect, don’t you agree!?  Enjoy!  And, have a spectacular day!!!

Piecefully, Pam

It’s time for


Readying the ingredients for stock which will cook overnight.  Once the Christmas ham is made…a wonderful jambalaya will be concocted.  : D

Merry Christmas!!!  We’re ready to set out cookies and milk for Santa, carrots for the reindeer!  May you dream of sugar plum fairies!

Piecefully, Pam

Making my list

and checking it twice!  ; )  Let’s see…I cleaned two bathrooms, vacuumed two floors, did two loads of laundry…hey, this is sounding a bit like Noah’s ark…? Anyway, I’ve planned and prepped for meals, wrapped gifts, and so on.  The sewing part of my day was at 0530 when I got up.  I knew if I didn’t fit it in then, I wouldn’t stitch today.  So…sew, first things first!  ; )

Scott surprised me by requesting ham for Christmas.  Tonight, for Christmas Eve we’re having seafood.  Steamed clams and shrimp with bok choy, baked potatoes and a fancy salad.  We’ve already started things off with cream of cauliflower soup, pear slices and some cheese with assorted crackers.

It’s just about time to walk Jingle.  Then we’re going to drive around the neighborhood and look at Christmas lights.  : )  It’s tradition!

It wasn’t all work and effort today.  I treated myself to a mani – pedi…the kind you can’t get in a salon…!  ; )

Be good!  Santa is STILL watching!?  Any word on his whereabouts?  I haven’t heard the reindeer yet…

Jingle Jolly Ho Ho Merry Christmas Magic to ALL!!!

Piecefully, Pam


the Mother-In-Law lottery…you have heard me ‘talk’ about my Mother-In-Law numerous times.  She truly is exceptional!!!  I am so and SEW blessed to have her in my life.  She raised two fine boys, but I married the BEST one!  ; )  (shhh, don’t tell Hilary!)  Anyhow, I took this photo of Barb, my best ever Mother-In-Law with Karen, during my 2009 trip to the Houston Quilt Festival.  Thanks to both of them for inspiring and motivating me in ALL things quilting.  ; )  Now you have a face to go with the name and title!

Piecefully, Pam