The Road Less Traveled

by Maureen Whalen Cole

















I LOVE everything about this quilt!!!  From the graphic design to the movement and colors.  It reminds me of an Amish quilt, but with a twist of whimsy.  Can Amish and whimsy be used in the same sentence…?  Shhh, don’t tell!  Just enjoy it!  ; )

Piecefully, Pam

Feeling dizzy.

I am still doing unit construction to create the circle circle units I need for the borders of my Flower Pots project.  But finally, I have decided to begin sewing finished circle circle units to the top border.  Yippee!!!  ; )  I’m making progress!!!

During my November Flower Pots class at Cloth & Bobbin, one of the student’s asked how I get such smooth finished edges on my applique shapes?  Then she turned over the piece.  I have asked the students to refrain from looking at the backs of my blocks…  I did not START this way!  I have been doing hand applique for about eight years now, I think?!  My skills have evolved enough for me to feel comfortable stitching and I enjoy the entire process of hand applique.  I remember asking my (BEST EVER!) Mother-In-Law if applique shapes are to look like they’re floating on the surface of the background block or like they’re a part of it?  I believe she was a bit flummoxed at my query.  She said, “Either.  It depends on the look you’re going for.”  During classes with teachers like; Karen Kay Buckley, Jane Townswick (no blog or website), Sharon Schamber and Becky Goldsmith it has been reinforced the stitches you make are to be small. You’re only to catch a thread or two with each stitch and take your next stitch a couple threads away from where you just stitched.  OK.  I listened to all that.  I practiced and I am satisfied with my results.  Remember, it’s taken me eight’ish years.  So, it’s daunting for a beginner to look at the back of my hand applique blocks.  Here’s what they see…










Two down, only 38 more to go!  ; )

Enjoy your Monday.  Make time to take a few stitches!

Piecefully, Pam

Sewing soothes

my soul…my psyche…my spirit.  I got up EARLY this morning.  I NEEDED time to sew.  It was REQUIRED.  NECESSARY!  I felt more ready and prepared to handle the rest of my day.  Here is what I stitched…










Having done this AND having velvety goodness Jingle ears accompany me through my day helped to sustain me.

It’s GOOD to be home!  I hope your home is a haven and sewing is a balm.  Enjoy your evening.  : )

Piecefully, Pam

It went from Autumn to Winter overnight!

Brrr!!!  It’s windy and COLD here today!  So, yesterday was Thanksgiving and Autumn, but today it’s the Christmas Season and Winter.  It’s a GOOD thing I made a b-i-g kettle of soup yesterday!!!  I used my soup stock from our Thanksgiving turkey to make turkey vegetable with brown rice, barley and red lentil soup.  It is yummy goodness, especially on a day like today.  : D

Meanwhile, I did do some sewing yesterday and a bit of stitching today too.  I expect to do even more!!!  HoOrAy!

And, we have been doing a bit of decorating here at Mt. Pleasant too.  The little holly tree out front has LED lights that make it glow in the evening, and remember saving Santa from last year?  Well, he’s on the front porch looking right jolly!  ; )

May the start of your Holiday Season be magical…

Piecefully, Pam