Once Upon a Christmas Night

Because you have asked…


This quilt is also an Advent calendar.  MANY of the doors, windows, and pieces fold open to reveal a number or a little hidden surprise.  There is even a hand stitched doll tucked into a satchel that is removable.  MUCH to look at and discover with this quilt!!!  Do you see the similarities between this quilt and Sieglinde’s “Mother Earth and Her Children” quilt?!  ; )

I had the opportunity to be a Quilt Angel for the Mother Earth quilt when it won in Houston in 2006.  Lord have mercy!  : )  And, I had dinner with Sieglinde at Ninfa’s the night before I angeled.  Sieglinde has an affiliation with the family that makes/made Hummels.  Can you see that in her work?  She also designed and stitched costumes for rodeo in the past.  I think these colorful influences can be seen in her work.  Neat-o, huh?!  Enjoy!

Piecefully, Pam

P.S.  She has stitched some little red hearts on the back of this quilt.  Sweet!

12 thoughts on “Once Upon a Christmas Night

  1. Is there a pattern available for this magnificent quilt? I had never heard of or seen Sieglinde Schoen Smith’s work before.

    • Peggy – I will leave a reply for you here as I do not have a way to contact you via email. SIEGLINDE SCHOEN SMITH’s, Mother Earth and Her Children is available in a multitude of forms and media – from a reprinted children’s book to digitized embroidery designs and a variety of patterns. As far as her newest work, Once Upon A Christmas Night, no pattern is available yet (that I know of), but I feel CERTAIN you will see it in some form soon! ; ) Isn’t it a delight?!

      • Pam, thank you for responding and am very interested in Mother Earth and her children and also Once Upon a Christmas Night. I love both of them.
        thank you, peggy

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  3. Very interested in knowing if there is a pattern for #1047 Once Upon a Christmas Night… if so, where I can get the pattern….Thank you

  4. These are great. I definately see similarities in the two quilts. It’s interesting to know a bit of her background. It has certainly influenced her work.

  5. I’m wondering if there is a pattern for “Mother Earth and Her Children” or if one is in the making. It’s quite an incredible quilt!

    • Yes, there are four – one for each season, and they are GORGIOUS!!! You can find the book on amazon. I can’t remember if the patterns are with it or seperate.

  6. Well, the Houston show is on right now. I didn’t get to go AGAIN!! Does anybody know if Sieglinde had anything entered again this year? Does anybody know if she has thought about, or started, a pattern for the Christmas quilt. I’ve GOT to have it…..

  7. Our guild would like to use your picture of Sieglinde Schoen Smith’s quilt in a press release to be sent to local papers and in brochures advertising that she will be speaking at our Aug. meeting. We are inviting other local guilds in the area to our meeting to hear her and to see her quilts and would be very appreciative if you would allow us to use your picture in these materials. Our guild is the Clustered Spires Quilt Guild in Frederick, MD

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