Fall and Bartholomew the flamingo

Fall and Bartholomew the flamingo

Our weather has been quite lovely, and we’ve been enjoying it. We went to the Beach this afternoon, and I did running stitches around some circles for my Roseville Album project. The wind was blowing and it was pretty nippy, so we didn’t stay too long. But still, I took some stitches on the Beach. That, is a GOOD day!!!

I completed two baby quilts and mailed them on Monday. In my haste, I failed to take photos. One of the quilts is in a NICU. I believe a quilt holds comfort and peace. In this very stressful environment and difficult life circumstance, I hope that particular quilt wields great power to do that and more…!!!

Scott made a bat box for our anniversary. While this may not be appealing to many women, I was/am surprised and delighted with it!!! It will be stored until the Spring, but Scott got everything ready to go, and we did a dry fit this weekend.

I made time to select some of the next applique pieces and fabrics to add to my Roseville Album block. Slow, but steady and enjoying every stitch I make!!!

I have a quilting friend who is searching for a Wendy Williams pattern called 40 Shades of Grey. If anyone knows where/how to obtain this pattern, or even a kit/block of the month, please leave a comment here.

I have another friend who was diagnosed with breast cancer this week. She is evaluating treatment options and going for a second opinion so as to make the best informed and educated choice for her. If you could send some prayers and + juju, she would be ever so appreciative! Additionally, Laura has decided to journal this experience in a blog…Cultivate Happiness Like a Garden, which I have added to my sidebar.

Thank you for stopping by and for your time. I will leave you with some photos…

baby quilt for E.J.

baby quilt for E.J.

Garden bat box

Garden bat box

Roseville Album progress

Roseville Album progress

Bayside kite boarders!

Bayside kite boarders!

Piecefully, Pam

Blessings come in a variety of ways…

from the garden

from the garden

a total shoulder joint replacement following a fall with multiple fractures

from a total shoulder joint replacement 

one chilled "pickle"...Shelby's nick-name

from one chilled “pickle”…a.k.a. Shelby

morning sun rays on the patio

from morning sun rays on the patio

a  grande birthday margarita shared with Mimi

in a grande birthday margarita shared with Mimi

sand striations

from sand striation inspiration

peaceful pillow

and a peaceful pillow

Piecefully, Pam

Master bathroom renovation, sock monkey armada, gardening and the like

Our master bathroom renovation is complete (the pic below is not quite the actual “completed” version, but close enough)! By repurposing, making careful choices and doing ALL the work himself this renovation was done on a shoestring budget. Best of all, we are WAY pleased with the results and everything works!!!

Master bathroom renovation

I am mulling over a new shower curtain with a sea-life theme. A tear sheet from a recent Land of Nod catalog has served as tangible inspiration. Now to translate what I see in my minds eye into a pleasing bit of bathroom interest and perhaps even “art”…

Shower curtain inspiration

A sock monkey armada. Yep. I told Scott that was what I was going to make. We’ve been facing some negative forces and I am in need of some levity. These spots, dots, stripes, and colors turned into monkeys = FUN and smiles!!! I have the details to do yet – stuffin’, ears, hats, nose/mouths, eyes and tails. The more the merrier. : D

Sock monkey armada

It’s snowing outside at this moment. Has Winter not had enough? Despite the forecast, I planted seeds yesterday afternoon. The soil was loamy and rich. In went cuke, leek, beet, radish, lettuce and cosmos seeds all covered with a blanket of leaves. When beach combing during our morning walks, I have been known to collect broken discarded pieces of hurricane fencing. I have this hammered into the ground around my kitchen herb garden to create a bit of a fence. Another new-found use? Garden markers! I LOVE this idea – it is practical, makes good use of discarded material and is so Beach-y. ; ) I used a big Sharpie marker to print the name of what’s planted in that row and hammered the marker into place. Perfect. Between the rows you can see cuttings from some ornamental grasses in other garden beds. The grasses need to be cut back annually to encourage new healthy growth, and that organic matter has been turned into a “foot path” so as not to compact the ground in the planted areas yet provide a space for one to step in and garden or kneel comfortably. We’ll see how the garden continues to evolve, now that the structure is complete and we’ve been settling in…

March gardening

In other new, the puppet theater was unveiled yesterday. It was a resounding success and Uncle Scott was deemed a Super Hero. ; )

Piecefully, Pam


It’s been mighty cold and we’ve been doing INdoor things…

This project began nearly a year ago and will be a joint birthday gift for our favorite four-year-old before too long...

This project began nearly a year ago and will be a joint birthday gift for our favorite four-year-old before too long…

The front of the puppet theater.

The front of the puppet theater.

Scott designed it to fold flat.

Scott designed it to fold flat.

Stitching the marquee.

Stitching the marquee.

INdoor beginning assembly of the marquee.

INdoor beginning assembly of the marquee.

Pearl Grey walls and continued evolution of the maser bathroom!

Pearl Grey walls and continued evolution of the master bathroom!

My Square in a Square quilt also continues its evolution!!!

My Square in a Square quilt also continues its evolution!!!

I LOVE how it looks in the studio!!!

I LOVE how it looks in the studio!!!

You know it's seriously COLD when the (mostly salt water) canal is icy and frozen over...NO iceskating, JIngle!

You know it’s seriously COLD when the (mostly salt water) canal is icy and frozen over…NO iceskating, Jingle!

May you be tucked in, warm and safe enjoying the INdoor goodnesses that this frigid Wintry weather brings!

Piecefully, Pam

Hello there January 2014!!!

After a hiatus, the Holidays, decision making and the arrival of ordered bits and parts, there is forward progress in the master bathroom project… We live in a modular home that was constructed in the early 1980s. Our home was/is well made and the construction materials are of a better grade than those of today. With that in mind, we looked at what HAD to be replaced and what could continue to be used. As you already know, the old cracked fiberglass shower had to GO! As did the warped linoleum floor!

We’ve been using the new (Scott) tiled shower since Thanksgiving, and just LOVING it! He has recently begun to work on tiling the floor. Things are dry fitted for now and the thin set cementing may begin tomorrow. This will be done in stages. Afterwards will come the grouting and will also likely be done in stages. As you can see, the vanity, sink and toilet have been removed in preparation for tiling the floor.

master bathroom tile floor

We need a vanity and sink that is higher than the one we have. In looking at what was available, the quality and cost, we decided to keep the vanity we have, but install legs to elevate it. It will also get a new top, and again, for purposes of elevation, we decided to go with a sink that will sit atop the counter. So, the new legs have arrived, as did the new faucet, but the sink is on backorder. This is probably a good thing!

mbr tile floor

And, guess what, I have been eeking out some sewing time!!! HoOrAy!!!  : ) My quilting hoop is out of storage and I have been taking a few quilting stitches when I can. Plus, I have done some hand applique prep work on my Roseville Album block and am taking some applique stitches as time permits too!!! And, if that isn’t enough…we were issued a Guild Challenge/Project (that is due tomorrow) and I got my top together.


At the top of the Roseville Album block, there is a bit of the sea glass crack peeking out…fun!!!


Here’s to welcoming in the New Year.Blessings to all!!!

Piecefully, Pam

A shower

curb and pumpkin pie.

The master bathroom shower/bathroom project is moving forward, albeit it a little slowly.  We have had to wait for some parts and bits to be delivered, and per the time of year, Scott’s back caused a hiccup too.

I am, however, very glad to say we got the shower curb done this weekend!  Yay!!! Here’s how things looked at the end of yesterday afternoon…

MBR shower curb

If I haven’t already said this, the “holes” in the shower are actually black subway tiles.  For no other reason than, because we could!  :)  The tile on the shower floor and curb will be continued as the bathroom floor.  Grouting has not yet been done.  We are also looking at vanities and sinks and thinking of installing a floating vanity…

Then, from thin set in the MBR to dough in the kitchen.  I made a pumpkin pie!  Geez, it’s been a very l-o-n-g time since I rolled out a pie crust!

Pumpkin pie

We even went OUT to see a movie!!!  I think the last movie we saw in a theater was either Kick Ass or Kung-fu Panda.  We watched Gravity in 3-D.  Mercy!  It was good.  Interesting even.  Yeh, I don’t EVER want to go into space.  Ever!

Piecefully, Pam

P.S. I did cut fabric today!!!  And, I have taken a few hand applique stitches over the past few weeks, I need to prep the next pieces though and haven’t had time for that just yet!

To ALL the Quiltmamas

You gals are simply THE BEST!!!  Thank you from the bottom of my <blushing> heart.

Each one of you is SO (sew) busy and yet you’ve made time to stitch together a 50th birthday gift for me.  It is gorgeous, FUN and will be treasured!!!

Quiltmama wall hanging

Quiltmamas label

Thank you also for treating me to dinner at “The Lamb” even if it was without the beady eyed watchful lamb…  It was GOOD to see you and catch up.  I know you’re lives are busy and I appreciated the time you spent with me.

Knowing you girls has certainly enriched my life.  I count myself lucky indeed to call you friends and you’re each a blessing!  Thank you, Quiltmamas. <3

Love, Pam

October progress and projects

Finding time to slow down, just a little, to take the time to do those “small” projects…?!

Our mailbox was unattractive.  It had been painted the same mesquite color the shutters were, once upon a time.  The mailbox sort of sets the tone from the curb, and since the “tone” here has been evolving, it was time to indulge that mailbox.

shcnazzy "new" mailbox

And, our master bath had a leak.  The old shower was a 1980’s fiberglass surround that had cracked and worsened.  The floor was warping and the situation needed to be addressed, sooner than later.

mbr shower

While the studio project has been a once in a lifetime adventure, Scott and I are not unfamiliar with DIY projects, and our master bath was going to be a new one.  Tile.  Taking out the shower equated to walls and floor going down to the studs and floor joists…  There was some doing, some UN-doing and some re-doing, and it’s far from finished.  But, we’re making progress, pleased with the results and still in LOVE!

subway tile

subway tile + black skinny borders

Meanwhile, I take a few stitches when I can, have been prepping our garden areas for the colder weather, continue to take Jingle to the Beach regularly, do overtime cases and not only live life, but truly LOVE it…EVERY day!!!

gulls at The Point

Every day is an adventure and a blessing!!!

Piecefully, Pam


Here are some snippets and tidbits from the Beach…

Sails a’la Dave, Andy and me


The recent addition of orange from Momma Barb

orange sail IMG_3164

A gutted master bathroom shower that has been taken down to the studs and floor joists

Gutting the MBR shower

Momma Barb sent me 50 birthday cards this year…

Momma Barb sent 50 b-day cards

Mean Cup on Harrisburg Ave.


Where did Summer go?!

Piecefully, Pam